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Chrondigizoit Hybrid Organism alloy = Chrome digizoid?[edit]

Isn't "Chrondigizoit Hybrid Organism alloy" just the longer name for the "Chrome digizoid", according to the Digimon Profile site? I admit that I don't know Japanese and that the on site translating machine translates it as "Chrondigizoit", but comparing the way these are written in hiragana/katakana comes up with something more or less like this:

クロンデジゾイト = Chrondigizoit

クロンデジゾイド = Chrome digizoid

正式名称「Chrondigizoit Hybrid Organism(クロンデジゾイト ハイブリッド オーガニズム)合金」、通称 「クロンデジゾイド」。

Official name "Chrondigizoit Hybrid Organism alloy", commonly known as "Chrome digizoid".

Am I wrong?