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A Heart Whose Loyalty Is Deeper than the Sea
Activation Timing: Evolution Phase
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots; cannot receive the effects of Program cards being 'invalidated', 'sent to the Dark Area', or 'removed from its slot'.
Effects: ◎Add 'The opponent cannot use special abilities (this is not a special ability)' to the abilities box of your Perfect level Digimon with 'The evolution requirements cannot be ignored' in its abilities field (if your Digimon has the word 'Bǎo' in its B attack name, further add 'Attacks A, B and C will not go to zero due to the effects of attacks C, B or A (this is not a special ability)').
◎At the end of the turn after the turn during which this card was used, send it to the Dark Area.
発動タイミング: 進化フェイズ
[効果]: ◎自分の【「進化条件は無視できない」をもつ「完全体」】の能力欄に「相手は特殊能力を使用できない(特殊能力ではない)」を追加する(攻撃Bに「宝」の文字が入る場合、更に「攻撃C・B・Aの効果でA・B・Cを0にされない(特殊能力ではない)」を追加する