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  • WPP subs Digimon Adventure episode 08.
  • DATS.US continues Digimon Savers subs from ep 16. Currently up to episode 19 released.
  • WPP subs Digimon 02 episode 16.


  • Digimon Himitsu closed. File Island: The Complete Digimon Electronics Resource moved to With the Will.
  • DATS.US forums opened. WtW's manga scanlations moved here.
  • With the Will forums moved to new address



  • WPP subs Digimon 02 episode 15.
  • Digimon Himitsu announces their new subbing team, starting with Digimon Savers episode 16.
  • With the Will announced that their sub of episode 15 Digimon Savers may be the last of either Savers or as a group.


  • With the Will announces a sub of Digimon Tamers!
  • Digimon Tamers episode 6 subbed by WPP
  • Eighth Savers episode subbed! Download Here.
  • Seventh Savers episode subbed! Download Here.
  • List of Digimon Japanese has been completed. All Digimon now have a page.


  • List of Digimon page has been completed.
  • Fifth Savers episode subbed!
  • WtW Savers ep 5 sub Download


  • Fourth Savers episode subbed! WtW Savers ep 4 sub Download
  • Digimon Savers episode 3 subbed by WTW. Digimon 02 episode 14 subbed by WPP.



  • The new digimon card game site is now up -
  • Details of the opening theme, ending theme and insert song of Digimon Savers have been released. Go to the Digimon Savers page for more information.
  • A preview of Digimon Savers was shown after episode 148 of Konjiki no Gash Bell on March 5th featuring Masaru fighting Cockatrimon, Agumon to Geo Greymon evolution sequence, Geo Greymon's flame attack and Masaru with the Digivice iC and a DigiSoul in his fist.
  • Digimon Savers hits Japan on April 2nd 9 AM on Fuji TV!