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Images Upload[edit]

Hello Mieguy. Please bear in mind the rules of the Community that you can found here whenever you upload a new image to the wiki, especially in what screenshots' titles regards,


Image title: DT44_title_jp.jpg
For the ease of finding images, please have the name of the screenshot begin with the code for that series and episode.
    • Example: Digimon Adventure 02, episode 3 screenshot of V-mon = ZT03_01.jpg or ZT03_vmon.
When uploading an "Episode cap" screenshot, ensure that the image is relevant to the title of the episode and does not have any timestamps or watermarks present. This is to make things consistent.
*When uploading an "Episode title cap", please make sure that the title screen clearly displays the kanji/kana and without subtitles to ensure consistency.
    • Example: DT44_title_jp.jpg
If in doubt, check other pages for already uploaded examples. For the most part, the episode page templates already provide the filenames for you to upload to.

Thanks for your understanding. Kind regards. --Shadow Shinji (talk) 18:25, 24 April 2017 (CDT)