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I've managed to resolve the problem, apparently it was due to the MediaWiki:Common.js being too big (34kB+), I'm assuming everything should be up and running again. --Ainz 20:54, 20 June 2008 (GMT)


What are you having problems with on those three cards? I think I can help, as they all seem fairly straightforward.KrytenKoro06 08:45, 1 September 2008 (UTC)

You would pretty much have to, yes, though you should probably have a ref explaining why.KrytenKoro06 22:46, 3 September 2008 (UTC)


  • Evolves from: Reppamon, Birdramon
  • A: 疾風天翔剣 (Shibbuutenshouken, lit. "Hurricane-soaring Sword")
  • B: 迅速の心得 (Jinsoku no Kokoroe, lit. "Knowledge of Swiftness")
  • C: Protect
  • Perfect Level
  • Virus Busters
  • Holy Beast Type
  • "Each time in this battle that the opposing Digimon uses 1 Command Card, the attack power of this Digimon is increased by 100."


  • Evolves form: Zudomon, Shawujingmon
  • A: Arctic Blizzard
  • B: Viking Axe
  • C: Protect
  • Ultimate Level
  • Deep Savers
  • Beast Man Type
  • "Limit of 1"I think this means you can only have 1 of this card.
  • "Recover 20 points when you delete the opponent."


i'm sorry for asking but doe's Dunasmon X-antibody have Dragon roar as an attack? if you find out can you tell me please.Oh i'm sorry i forgot it was rude. also the translation about belphemons rage mode's attack gift of darkness says something about black flames so can you tell me if the translated descripsion was right 00:15:29, 20 july 2009 (UTC)


im sorry that ive done a lot of mistakes so can you delete my account because im am horrible at this.