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The Nine Hierarchies Of Angels[edit]

Here's what I think the nine hierarchies of angels should look like:

First Sphere

1. Seraphim-Seraphimon
2. Cherubim-Cherubimon(Virtue)
3. Ophanim-Ophanimon And Rasielmon

Second Sphere

4. Dominions-Dominimon
5. Virtues-ClavisAngemon
6. Powers-SlashAngemon

Third Sphere

7. Principalities-Mastemon(Jogress Evolution Of Angewomon And LadyDevimon)
8. Archangels-Angewomon And HolyAngemon: Battle Mode
9. Angels-Angemon, Pidmon, D'Arcmon, And Lucemon

On second thought, I think Mastemon should be a Principality type Digimon because its name has a play on the word master, even though it is based on the Jewish angel of persecution named Mastema. Besides, the word master and principal is synonymous to each other.


1. The Five Holy Beasts-Completed

  • Zhuqiaomon(Red Sparrow)-South-Virus-Fire(Jogress Evolution Of Indaramon, Pajiramon, And Sandiramon)
  • Xuanwumon(Black Turtle)-North-Vaccine-Water(Jogress Evolution Of Kumbhiramon, Vajramon, And Vikaralamon)
  • Qinglongmon(Blue Dragon)-East-Data-Thunder(Jogress Evolution Of Andiramon, Majiramon, And Mihiramon)
  • Baihumon(White Tiger)-West-Free-Metal(Jogress Evolution Of Caturamon, Makuramon, And Sinduramon)
  • Huangmamon(Yellow Horse)-Center-Variable-Light And Darkness(Jogress Evolution Of Zhuqiaomon, Xuanwumon, Qinglongmon, And Baihumon)

2. The Twelve Heavenly Generals-Completed

  • Indaramon-Virus
  • Pajiramon-Virus
  • Sandiramon-Virus
  • Kumbhiramon-Vaccine
  • Vajramon-Vaccine
  • Vikaralamon-Vaccine
  • Andiramon-Data
  • Majiramon-Data
  • Mihiramon-Data
  • Caturamon-Free
  • Makuramon-Free
  • Sinduramon-Free

3. The Royal Knights And Their Founder-Completed

  • Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode-Founder(Mode Change Of Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode With The Acquired Power Of Omegamon)
  • Magnamon(Armor Evolution Of V-mon With The Digimental Of Miracles)
  • Dynasmon
  • Alphamon: Ouryuken(Jogress Evolution Of Alphamon And Ouryumon)
  • Craniummon
  • Duftmon: Leopard Mode
  • LordKnightmon
  • Omegamon(Jogress Evolution Of WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, And The Invisible Connection)
  • Dukemon: Crimson Mode(Jogress Evolution Of Dukemon(Matrix Evolution Of Guilmon And Takato Matsuda) And ZERO ARMS: Grani)
  • Sleipmon
  • UlForceV-dramon: Future Mode(Mode Change Of UlForceV-dramon With The Digimental)
  • Gankoomon And Hinukamui
  • Examon(Jogress Evolution Of Slayerdramon And Breakdramon)
  • Jesmon With Por, Atho, And Rene
  • GoldRapidmon(Armor Evolution Of Terriermon With The Digimental Of Fate)

4. The Seven Great Demon Lords And The Super Demon Lords-Completed

  • Lucemon: Falldown Mode-Pride
  • Leviamon-Envy
  • Demon: Super Ultimate-Wrath(Jogress Evolution Of Demon And Arkadimon: Super Ultimate)
  • Belphemon: Rage Mode-Sloth
  • OmegaArmamon: Burst Mode(DigiXros Of Barbamon And Armamon)-Greed
  • Beelzebumon: Blast Mode And Behemoth-Gluttony(Mode Change Of Beelzebumon And Behemoth With Toy Gun)
  • MajuuLilithmon(DigiXros Of Lilithmon, Blastmon, And Hell's Field)-Lust
  • Lucemon: Satan Mode-All Seven Vices
  • Lucemon Larva-All Seven Vices
  • Ogudomon-All Vices(Jogress Evolution Of Lucemon: Falldown Mode, Leviamon, Demon: Super Ultimate, Belphemon: Rage Mode, OmegaArmamon: Burst Mode, Beelzebumon: Blast Mode And Behemoth, And MajuuLilithmon)

5. The Seven Great Angels And The Super Angels-Completed

  • HolyAngemon: Battle Mode-Humility
  • MarineAngemon-Kindness
  • Seraphimon-Patience
  • Cherubimon(Virtue)-Diligence
  • ClavisAngemon-Charity
  • SlashAngemon-Temperance
  • Ophanimon-Chastity
  • Goddramon-All Seven Virtues
  • Amon-All Seven Virtues
  • Umon-All Seven Virtues
  • Dominimon-All Seven Virtues(Jogress Evolution Of HolyAngemon: Battle Mode, MarineAngemon, Seraphimon, Cherubimon(Virtue), ClavisAngemon, SlashAngemon, And Ophanimon)

6. The Olympus Fourteen And Their Founder-Completed

  • Titamon And SkullGreymon-Founder
  • Marsmon
  • Junomon: Hysteric Mode
  • Mercurymon
  • Dianamon And The Goodnight Sisters
  • Apollomon
  • Ceresmon And Ceresmon Medium
  • Venusmon With Olive And Hotan
  • Vulcanusmon
  • Jupitermon: Wrath Mode
  • JetMervamon And The Medullia(DigiXros Of Mervamon And The Medullia And Sparrowmon)
  • Bacchusmon: Crapulence Mode
  • Neptunemon
  • Plutomon
  • Ignitemon

7. The Six Great Dragons-Completed

  • Holydramon-South
  • Megidramon-North
  • Qinglongmon-East
  • Goddramon-West
  • Amon-West
  • Umon-West

8. The Warrior Twelve-Completed

  • AncientGreymon-Fire
  • AncientGarurumon-Light
  • AncientBeetmon-Thunder
  • AncientIrismon-Wind
  • AncientMegatheriumon-Ice
  • GattaiAncientVolcamon(DigiXros Of AncientVolcamon And Meramon)-Earth
  • AncientSphinxmon-Darkness
  • AncientTrojamon-Wood
  • AncientMermaimon-Water
  • AncientWisemon-Metal
  • Susanoomon-All Ten Elements(Jogress Evolution Of AncientGreymon, AncientGarurumon, AncientBeetmon, AncientIrismon, AncientMegatheriumon, GattaiAncientVolcamon, AncientSphinxmon, AncientTrojamon, AncientMermaimon, And AncientWisemon)
  • ZERO ARMS: Orochi-All Ten Elements

9. The Crack Team-Completed

  • Chaosdramon
  • GigaSeadramon
  • Gaioumon
  • MetalSeadramon
  • RustTyrannomon
  • Mugendramon(Jogress Evolution Of MetalTyrannomon, MetalMamemon, Megadramon, Andromon, And MetalGreymon(Virus))
  • Gundramon
  • Aegisdramon(Fusion Of Plesiomon And The Seadramon-species' Data)

10. The D-Brigade-Completed

  • Darkdramon
  • Tankdramon
  • Sealsdramon
  • Commandramon

11. BAN-TYO-Completed

  • BanchoLiomon: Burst Mode
  • BanchoMamemon
  • BanchoLilimon
  • BanchoStingmon
  • BanchoGolemon

12. The Three Musketeers-Completed

  • BelleStarrmon
  • AvengeKidmon
  • Gundramon

13. The Big Death-Stars-Completed

  • Apollomon: Darkness Mode-Sunday-Light(DigiXros Of Apollomon, Whispered, And DeadlyAxemon)
  • NeoVamdemon: Darkness Mode-Monday-Darkness(Shoutmon)(DigiXros Of NeoVamdemon, Devimon, LadyDevimon, MetalGreymon(2010 Anime Version)(DigiXros Of Greymon(2010 Anime Version) And MailBirdramon), Shoutmon, And Lopmon)
  • Evilvil-Monday-Darkness
  • Dorbickmon: Darkness Mode(Dragon Army)-Tuesday-Fire(DigiXros Of Dorbickmon, Huangmamon, Brachimon, FlareLizamon, And Gigadramon)
  • Splashmon: Darkness Mode-Wednesday-Water(DigiXros Of Splashmon, Red Drippin, Pink Drippin, Yellow Drippin, Green Drippin, Blue Drippin, Purple Drippin, And Black Drippin)
  • Zamielmon-Thursday-Wood
  • Olegmon-Friday-Metal
  • Jormungandr-Friday-Metal
  • Surtr-Friday-Metal
  • Gravimon: Darkness Mode-Saturday-Earth(DigiXros Of Gravimon, Centaurmon, Sagittarimon(Armor Evolution Of V-mon With The Digimental Of Hope), Cerberumon, Crossmon, Thunderbirmon(Armor Evolution Of Hawkmon With The Digimental Of Friendship), And HippoGriffomon)
  • GrandGeneramon-Everyday-All Seven Elements(DigiXros Of Apollomon: Darkness Mode, NeoVamdemon: Darkness Mode(Shoutmon), Evilvil, Dorbickmon: Darkness Mode(Dragon Army), Splashmon: Darkness Mode, Zamielmon, Olegmon, Jormungandr, Surtr, And Gravimon: Darkness Mode)

14. The Three Gods Of Destruction-Completed

  • Gaioumon
  • Kuzuhamon: Battle Mode
  • Titamon And SkullGreymon

15. The Dark Masters-Completed

  • Piemon
  • Pinocchimon
  • MetalSeadramon
  • Chaosdramon
  • Apocalymon(Jogress Evolution Of Piemon, Pinocchimon, MetalSeadramon, And Chaosdramon)
  • Gulfmon