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Jinungomon (ジウンオモン)
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Incarnation's Hatred
Level Type Attribute
Evolved from Evolved into
Red Master Baron (w/Ordinemon Vice's data) (manga only)
Apocalymon: Baron Reborn
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A Composition Digimon, mutated from the usurped Ives general. Because of the hatred toward the two Chosen Children, Jinungomon goes on its rampage in fury and due to berserk state and abandoned both humanity and goal to recreate the world with its own image, it can destroy everything without mercy.
"Shut up! SHUT UP!! I had enough for these nonsense words... This time... I-I... I'LL WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING FOR MY HUMILIATION OF DEATH!!!"
—Kumon before his dark evolution.
"Kumon is no more. He is fully consumed by intense hatred and humiliation. He stripped off his own will, humanity and his own husk. Because of infused with Ordinemon's evil data, he's become a mindless monster and he's now called... Jinungomon."
—Zamasu explains about Kumon's dark evolution.
When Shiho defeated Kumon by transforming into Super Saiyan God Extend, he being consumed by overwhelming anger, hatred and despair of loss from his past defeats. An enraged Kumon tries to kill Shiho and the others by transforming into his Ives form and throwing his sword, but the data of Ordinemon Vice that he absorbed reverse his Ives form back into his full human and drop his sword. Growing humiliated for his countless defeats and Shiho's disgraceful words about his false reasons, Kumon decide to abandon his goal and reabsorbs the data of Ordinemon Vice to dark evolve himself into his grotesque monstrous state and yell Maki's name and curses her. In this form, Jinungomon killed everyone from every worlds, except for Shiho and the others and absorbs the life force of every worlds. Angered by Kumon killed everyone and absorbing the planet, Shiho attempt to stop him, but he blocked every attacks by manipulating arms from the absorbed universes. Zamasu realize that Kumon is no more and revealed to Shiho that Kumon has now become a false god and intended to destroy the entire universes, leaving the universes in ruin just like the first, and broken time-world and named Kumon's monstrous form; Jinungomon. As Kumon still absorbing the life force of the universes, Zamasu tells Shiho to destroy the Apocalymon shard that Kumon has a destructive weak point and also explains that Kumon has a true goal to become a new Apocalymon much to everyone's shocks. Despite Shiho's horrified by Kumon's master plan, she agreed as she used her fist to destroy the shard. However, even Shiho used Super Saiyan God's maximum power to break through Kumon's manipulated arms, an enraged Kumon used the absorbed universe energy to grab Super Saiyan God Shiho and absorbs her Super Saiyan God's powers, forcibly her to turned back into her base form. Because of Kumon absorbed Shiho's Super Saiyan God powers, the Apocalymon shard was absorbed into Jinungomon's data and sprouts giant chained claws on his back, dark evolve him into his final form that equivalent to Apocalymon which Kumon joyfully rejoice himself as a ultimate god.