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Narrator: Darcmon, the Angel Digimon that served as a commander of the Human-Type Digimon. It is Adult Level and Vaccine Attribute. Its Special Attack is Baptême d'Amour, allowing to use her La Pucelle swords to slash her opponents.

Darcmon: I am Darcmon, the Champion Level Angel Digimon that commands the Human-type Digimon. My Dancing Sword can slash through my enemies with my dancing styles. Although... I was too embarrassed by my dancing attack.

Darcmon is the younger sister of Murmukusmon and Hippogriffomon. They live together with the ancient Digimon known as Ornismon, the ruler of the sky alongside with Lucemon. But, due to Belphemon's plot by using Murmukusmon controlling Ornismon for his evil purposes by creating the ultimate Bio-Hybrid Digimon, Darcmon was killed by Lucemon's evil half only her data is transformed into a Digimon Spirits by Lucemon's good half while Hippogriffomon was imprisoned by his own brother. Lucemon's good half is giving Darcmon Digimon Spirit to Cherubimon for Samuel Nakaoka who has a knowledge to ability to Spirit Evolve, but his evil half partially corrupted him for his plan only he overcome his corrupted side and successfully giving to Samuel Nakaoka.
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