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Baggdrasilmon: Incarnated Hatred (バグドラシルモン:化身の恨み)
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Level Ultimate
Type False God
Attribute None
Evolved from Arcadrasilmon Destruction Mode (Kumon's spirit) + Time Portal and Ordinemon Vice data
"N-No way! This is..."
—Beerus feared by Kumon's essence is still alive in Japanese version
"Kumon is trying to become one with the universes. He stripped his own husk and humanity, becoming an false god's final enraged form. His intention is remake the universe in his own image as a new Yggdrasil."
—Zamasu explains about Kumon's final attempt in original Japanese version.
"No! The darkness! It's him!"
—Beerus feared by Kumon's essence is still alive in English version
"Maki stabbed him down, but because of King Drasil's core, he's live. He's losing his will to fight, no longer able to control his own emotions. His essence merged with Ordinemon's dark data and the Time Portal, revive himself into his pure enraged state. His intention, isn't destroy the universe and remake it in his own image... and his another intention, to destroy Samuel Nakaoka the Second in every timelines from their existence."
—Zamasu explains about Kumon's final attempt in English version.

The final monster form of Kumon Kai after being splits in half by Maki's Miracle Blade of Bonds which Beerus states that Kumon's hatred is still lives on his own essence, fused with the data of Ordinemon Vice and the Time Portal as a last attempt. Because of his humiliated defeat by Maki, he stripping his own humanity and fusing Ordinemon's corrupted data and the Time Portal into his final, enraged form.

Shiho, Boruto, and Samuel Nakaoka defeat Kumon's Red Lord's Baron copies as Beerus manages to destroy Kumon by using Hakai, but he's horribly notice Kumon's essence has already become one of Yggdrasil Core, taking a form of skinless monstrous version of Kumon's original human form, sprouting his giant wings. He roared in pure rage, spreading distortions of all worlds' timelines. Millenniumon notices that Kumon is trying to destroy all timelines in existences and more worse, the end of the universes. Kumon annihilate the DigiDestined and the people from all worlds except for Shiho and the others.

Sensing that everyone had died, an extremely enraged Samuel Nakaoka tried to kill Kumon for his horrific actions, but Kumon used his last effort on him to tries to kill him only Metal Seadramon and Huanglongmon sacrificed themselves to save him, mortally wounded them. As Shiho used his full force of rage and transforms into her Super Saiyan God in order to attempt to kill the monstrous Kumon, he devours her in fury. Samuel Nakaoka see Kumon devoured her student in horror, but turned full anger towards Kumon and transformed into his BEAST King but only goes berserk. However, though an berserk Samuel Nakaoka gained uppercut on Kumon, he cornered him in anger and tries to stop his fatal attack. Horrified to see Samuel Nakaoka was cornered, Maki help his other half, but Hikari (as Millenniumon) decide to help his old enemy and his spirit went to Samuel Nakaoka's mind. Samuel Nakaoka's spirit ferociously tried to attack Millenniumon, but he calmed him down by remembering about his deceased wife Nagisa Misumi and her voice reached him, an tearful Samuel Nakaoka canceled his BEAST King transformation and screams Nagisa's name which the Digivice Gods activates the glimpse of evolution. Hikari and Meiko notices their Digivices have evolved into Digivice Gods too as Tailmon and Meicoomon decide to fight with both light and darkness combined. An rampaging Kumon tried to kill Hikari and Meiko with Death Killing, but Meicoomon evolved into Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode to protect the DigiDestineds much to everyone's surprise. Shocked, Kumon tried to kill Meicrackmon but she quickly evolve into Raguelmon to counter his attack back at him.

However, his permanent erased was undo by the mysterious being and give to special mask, which he devolved back to his original human form but the mask can be destroyed and he will erased from his existence again.