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Okay, so help me understand one thing.

Why in the Ep. 34 intro it's said that Tailmon and Skull Knightmon are the same Digimon? Like, what's the real deal about Tailmon and Skull Knightmon connection? And why did Toei classify Tailmon as Skull Knightmon's secret identity even after disproving it in the previous episode (and probably they'll try to fix this in the next episode)?

can we be sure those subs are even accurate? on top of that, if they *were* the same digimon then gatomon would die. kari pulled gatomon out and then wargreymon stabbed it to death. it was still fighting back when gatomon was pulled out and gatomon watched axeknightmon get stabbed to death. on top of that you can have gatomon fight against axeknightmon in the digivice: vpet, so there shed be fighting herself. none of this lines up and makes sense. if they were the same character axeknightmon would've reverted into gatomon instead of gatomon being freed and axeknightmon continuing to fight. i dont think there's really any way they can be considered to be the same character at all. in HM, arcadiamon absorbed ryos cyberdramon. after they kill arcadiamon, cyberdramon is freed and is like "sup". just seems to be that he abosrbed gatomon and used her as a power source. the quote they said is very convincing, but it doesnt really make any sense at all. plus, there was also a zeedmilleniummon inside that axeknightmon. in cyber sleuth, the mother eater absorbs suedo and king drasil. in chrocnicle X, diabromon absorbs the other demon lords and then lucemon mind controls it from within. Muur (talk) 18:08, 31 January 2021 (CST)