Sakamoto Satoru

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Sakamoto Satoru
Sakamoto Satoru
Kanji/Kana 坂本悟
Age 15
Partner Digimon Agumon
Family Sakamoto Tetsuya (father)[1]
Voice Actor Japanese Murase Ayumu (村瀬 歩)


Satoru is a 15 year old boy that was born on March 21. He is 168cm tall and weighs 55kg. His partner Digimon is Agumon and he is friends with the Protagonist. His favorite food is tonkatsu, whilst his least favorite food is nattō. His favorite gift would be a game cassette.

He is the first member of the squad, has an outgoing and direct personality, and is full of enthusiasm for fighting. He will act immediately once he thinks of something, and will never give up easily even if he encounters difficulties. But on the other hand, the somewhat reckless Satoru is also the "problematic team member" that causes headaches for the captain, whose impulsive actions often lead to various disasters. Satoru is the core figure of the entire team. His enthusiasm, impulse, and fearlessness for hardships infect every team member and remind the already-adult captain of his original intention.


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