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Magical Witches (マジカルウィッチーズ Majikaru Wicchīzu) is a series of magic book-shaped virtual pets released by Bandai in 1998. They are collectively referred to as the "Four Elements Communication Books". Watanabe Kenji was involved in the character design[1] and as a consequence, some elements from the series were incorporated into the Digimon franchise, in particular Witchelny, the main setting of Magical Witches, which was adapted into being an alternate Digital World and the magic used by its inhabitants as being "advanced programming languages".


In the Witchelny of Magical Witches, there are four clans of witches that each represent one of the four elements used in alchemy. Witchmon's Special Moves are references to two of these clans.

Clan Emblem Kana Description
Earthlin Magical witches earthlin logo.png アースリン Contains members that specialize in earth magic.
Baluluna Magical witches baluluna logo.png バルルーナ Contains members that specialize in wind magic.
Eneruge Magical witches eneruge logo.png エネルージュ Contains members that specialize in fire magic.
Aquary Magical witches aquary logo.png アクエリー Contains members that specialize in water magic.


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