Digimon Savers Digimon Data File

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The Digimon Savers Digimon Data File (デジモンセイバーズ デジモンデータファイル Dejimon Seibāzu Dejimon Dēta Fairu), stylized with "Digimon Data File" written in Digimoji (Dcd r w.pngDci r w.pngDcg r w.pngDci r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png Dcd r w.pngDca r w.pngDct r w2.pngDca r w.png Dcf r w.pngDci r w.pngDcl r w.pngDce r w.png), was a collection of eighteen short videos containing information about several Digimon that appeared in Digimon Savers.