D-Cyber - Chapter 01

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"The Nightmare Trip to the Digital World!"
Chinese "The Nightmare Trip to the Digital World!"
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"To the Depths of Evil"

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Chapter #01 of D-Cyber.



It's raining outside and a D-Cyber Digivice toy lying on a bedside table lights up. Zhìguāng, who is sleeping in bed, drooling is pulled into the Digital World by Metal Phantomon who is intent on obtaining their digivices and hearts of the children he pulled in.

Later on, Zhìguāng awakens in the middle of a field. After calling for his friends, a voice comes out of his D-Cyber Digivice and welcomes him to the Digital World. A moment later, his digimon, Dorimon comes out of his digivice and begins to harass Zhìguāng for not taking good care of him. After relieving himself on the ground, he yells at him to clean it up before the Digimon Police throw them in jail. Zhìguāng refuses and they are chased around by a Kuwagamon.

After escaping Kuwagamon, Zhìguāng and Dorimon rest and get some food (which makes Zhìguāng sick). Zhìguāng hears a voice calling and it turns out to be his friend, Luò, who has been brainwashed by Metal Phantomon. Luò steal his Digivice, but is pushed away by a newly evolved DORUmon. Luò summons his Metal Greymon X from his Digivice to attack them. DORUmon tries to lead Zhìguāng away, but he insists on saving Luò. DORUmon knocks him away from Metal Greymon X's attack and becomes injured.

Due to Zhìguāng's will to save Luò, DORUmon then warp-evolves to DORUghoramon and defeated Metal Greymon X with his Brave Metal attack before returning to DORUmon. Luò's trance is broken and he returns to normal. DORUmon then bites Zhìguāng in the head, demanding that he feed him.