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Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎This card is set face-up during preparation phase, and used during battle phase.
◎Cannot receive the effects of 'cannot receive the effects of the opponent's Option cards'.
Chapter Twenty-Two: To the aloof holy knight who has attained the power of the great legendary dragon, cut your way through to the future of the world!!
Category: Weapon/Sword
Cost: 1 Ouryumon card
Requirements: When your Digimon is a red frame Ultimate level with the ability "proud"
Effects: During battle, return all of the cards on the opponent's sheet (excluding the point gauge) to the opponent's hand. If your Digimon is Alphamon, you may use this effect as many times as you want, and send the cards to the Dark Area instead of returning them to the opponent's hand.
Limit: Stack this card onto your point gauge at the end of the turn
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
第二十二章 伝説の巨竜の力を得た孤高の聖騎士よ、世界の未来を斬りひらけ!!
カテゴリー 武器・剣
コスト 「オウリュウモン」1枚
条件 自分が赤枠で「騎士道」を持つ「究極体」の時
[効果]: バトル中、相手シート上のカード全て(ポイントゲージを除く)を相手手札に戻す。自分が「アルファモン」の時、何回でもこの効果を発動でき、相手手札に戻すかわりにダークエリアに送る
[リミット]: ターン終了時ポイントゲージに重ねる