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Pawn Device
Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎Cannot receive the effects of Item cards being 'invalidated' or 'sent to the Dark Area', or 'cannot receive the effects of Option cards'.
◎You may only have up to 6 cards with the word 'Device' in their name in your deck.
Category: Device
Effects: ◎Add 300 to your attack power. After that, at the end of every turn that passes, add 300 more to your attack power.
◎On the 3rd turn that this card has been activated, you may change this card's name to Queen Device, Knight Device, Bishop Device, or Rook Device (it doesn't matter if changing its name will result in there being more than 3 copies of that card in your deck).
◎This card can only be used when your Digimon is Ultimate level with a basic A attack power of 560 and below.
◎When your Digimon loses a battle, or at the end of the 3 turns that this card has been active, stack this card onto your point gauge.
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
カテゴリー デヴァイス
[効果]: ◎自分の攻撃力が+300される。その後、ターン終了時毎に攻撃力が+300ずつ計算される

Card Errata (As of Ver. 1.6):
Corrected - The Category 'Device' is added. (カテゴリー欄に「デヴァイス」を追加。)