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Infinity Tower
Activation Timing: Preparation Phase
◎This card cannot be discarded by you.
◎You may only activate this card immediately after setting when you are second to attack.
Effects: ◎Reduce your attack power by 100. After that, during the game, if the opponent tries to carry out Warp Evolution, or any evolution/fusion/appearance that spans more than two levels, they have to draw one card from their Net Ocean. If it is an Option card, they have to send the Digimon in their Digimon box to the Dark Area (excluding Level III Digimon), and their points are immediately reduced by 20. The drawn card is sent to the Dark Area.
◎This card will remain in its slot until it is invalidated. However, when another Field Option card turns face-up in your slots, send this card to the Dark Area.
発動タイミング: 準備フェイズ
[効果]: ◎自分の攻撃力が-100される。その後、相手はゲーム中「ワープ進化」など2段階以上の進化や融合・出現を行う度、「ネットの海」からカード1枚を引く。「オプションカード」だった場合デジモンボックスのデジモンをダークエリアに送り(レベルIIIを除く)、直ちにポイントを20減らす。引いたカードはダークエリアに送られる