Battle Terminal Ver.7 - ASIA

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Set Name Digimon Card Game Alpha Ver.7
Japanese Name
Release Date 2010
No. of Cards 60
Next Set

This set contains cards that were released by Bandai Asia for the Battle Terminal 02 system outside of Japan. The cards often contain artwork not used on any of the Japanese card sets and were released long after the card game had been defunct in Japan.

Card Number Name Translation Kanji/Kana
DM02-088 (Asia) Mirage Gaogamon
DM02-089 (Asia) Examon
DM02-090 (Asia) Omegamon
DM02-091 (Asia) Sleipmon
DM02-092 (Asia) Dukemon
DM02-093 (Asia) Barbamon
DM02-094 (Asia) Beelzebumon
DM02-095 (Asia) Belphemon
DM02-096 (Asia) Xuanwumon
DM02-097 (Asia) Zhuqiaomon
DM02-098 (Asia) Ice Devimon
DM02-099 (Asia) Aquilamon
DM02-100 (Asia) Agumon
DM02-101 (Asia) Vamdemon
DM02-102 (Asia) War Greymon
DM02-103 (Asia) War Greymon X-Antibody
DM02-104 (Asia) Airdramon
DM02-105 (Asia) Angewomon
DM02-106 (Asia) Angemon
DM02-107 (Asia) Choasmon
DM02-108 (Asia) Gaomon
DM02-109 (Asia) Garurumon
DM02-110 (Asia) Gawappamon
DM02-111 (Asia) Growmon
DM02-112 (Asia) Gururumon
DM02-113 (Asia) Geremon
DM02-114 (Asia) Geo Greymon
DM02-115 (Asia) Shawujinmon
DM02-116 (Asia) Jumbo Gamemon
DM02-117 (Asia) Z'd Garurumon
DM02-118 (Asia) Starmon
DM02-119 (Asia) Stingmon
DM02-120 (Asia) Slayerdramon
DM02-121 (Asia) Dark Super Starmon
DM02-122 (Asia) Darkdramon
DM02-123 (Asia) Tyilinmon
DM02-124 (Asia) Tailmon
DM02-125 (Asia) Tylomon
DM02-126 (Asia) Devimon
DM02-127 (Asia) Numemon
DM02-128 (Asia) Bakemon
DM02-129 (Asia) Pandamon
DM02-130 (Asia) Black Growmon
DM02-131 (Asia) Black Tailmon
DM02-132 (Asia) Black Megalo Growmon
DM02-133 (Asia) Blue Meramon
DM02-134 (Asia) Breakdramon
DM02-135 (Asia) Whamon
DM02-136 (Asia) Holy Angemon
DM02-137 (Asia) Mach Gaogamon
DM02-138 (Asia) Marin Angemon
DM02-139 (Asia) Mammon
DM02-140 (Asia) Mega Seadramon
DM02-141 (Asia) Megalo Growmon
DM02-142 (Asia) Metal Garurumon
DM02-143 (Asia) Meramon
DM02-144 (Asia) Monzaemon
DM02-145 (Asia) Lady Devimon
DM02-146 (Asia) Rosemon
DM02-147 (Asia) Were Garurumon
DM02-088 asia.jpg DM02-089 asia.jpg DM02-090 asia.jpg DM02-091 asia.jpg DM02-092 asia.jpg DM02-093 asia.jpg DM02-094 asia.jpg DM02-095 asia.jpg DM02-096 asia.jpg DM02-097 asia.jpg
DM02-098 asia.jpg DM02-099 asia.jpg DM02-100 asia.jpg DM02-101 asia.jpg DM02-102 asia.jpg DM02-103 asia.jpg DM02-104 asia.jpg DM02-105 asia.jpg DM02-106 asia.jpg DM02-107 asia.jpg
DM02-108 asia.jpg DM02-109 asia.jpg DM02-110 asia.jpg DM02-111 asia.jpg DM02-112 asia.jpg DM02-113 asia.jpg DM02-114 asia.jpg DM02-115 asia.jpg DM02-116 asia.jpg DM02-117 asia.jpg
DM02-118 asia.jpg DM02-119 asia.jpg DM02-120 asia.jpg DM02-121 asia.jpg DM02-122 asia.jpg DM02-123 asia.jpg DM02-124 asia.jpg DM02-125 asia.jpg DM02-126 asia.jpg DM02-127 asia.jpg
DM02-128 asia.jpg DM02-129 asia.jpg DM02-130 asia.jpg DM02-131 asia.jpg DM02-132 asia.jpg DM02-133 asia.jpg DM02-134 asia.jpg DM02-135 asia.jpg DM02-136 asia.jpg DM02-137 asia.jpg
DM02-138 asia.jpg DM02-139 asia.jpg DM02-140 asia.jpg DM02-141 asia.jpg DM02-142 asia.jpg DM02-143 asia.jpg DM02-144 asia.jpg DM02-145 asia.jpg DM02-146 asia.jpg DM02-147 asia.jpg


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