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Why Donate?

Wikimon is a greatly loved and used resource. However, like all resources, it costs money to run and operate.

Yearly, Wikimon costs me over $500. The server costs $40 a month ($480), the domains need to be renewed each year ($30), and various other little things (such as our back-up cloud source...) all add up.* Ad revenue, yearly, amounts to about $100 (if even that). The remainder comes from my pocket and your donations.

To donate, please follow the "Donate via PayPal" link in the sidebar. It'll direct you straight to a donation form going directly to me. The money will obviously be used to support the wiki.**

Unable to donate via PayPal?

Send me an e-mail at and we can try and figure something out.

Why do you need a server so expensive? Or, better question, how awesome is Wikimon?

Well, to give you an idea... in October 2013, we generated 1,015,630 pageviews by 56,099 unique visitors. In February 2017, we generated 1,652,012 pageviews from 116,772 unique visitors. Quite an increase! And what does that mean?

There are 28 days in February - that means we delivered 59,000 pages a day. That's 2458 pages an hour. Which is 41 pages per minute. Practically every second, someone is loading a page here on the wiki. Wikimon isn't Facebook, but we're great in our own right. And when we've tried to be on those cheap web providers, they kick us right off because we keep crashing their servers :)


* If you're curious - we are now backed up in the cloud! So as long as Google never goes down, we never have to worry about the Great Reset of... 2010 was it?

** I won't lie; if by chance donations were over $40 a month (the cost of the server), they would just go into my general fund. Over Wikimon's 10 years, I've probably put $6000+ of my own money into hosting it. I wouldn't mind getting some of that back.

Thanks to the donators

Check the discussion page to see who has helped out the Wiki in the past :)