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Digimon Linkz[edit]

Digimon Linkz
Agumon linkz icon.jpg
Level Child
Type Fire (陽炎)
Maximum Stats
HP 582
ATK 657
S-ATK 695
SPD 92
DEF 778
S-DEF 585
Unique Attack
Name Baby Flame
Element Fire
Range Single Target
Power 160
Accuracy 95%
AP Cost 2
None Fire Watr Thun Natr Light Dark Stun Lock Slp Prlz Conf Psn Death
- Res Wk Wk - - - Wk - Res Wk - - -
Japanese Profile 成長して二足歩行ができるようになった、小型の恐竜のような姿をした爬虫類型デジモン。
Translated Profile A Reptile Digimon which has grown up and become able to walk on two legs, it has an appearance like a tiny dinosaur.
Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn't understand fear.
It has grown hard, sharp claws on both its hands and feet, and demonstrates its power in battle.
Evolves From Koromon
Evolves To Greymon, Geo Greymon, Scumon, Tyranomon, Meramon

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder-: Agumon
Evolutionary Requirements HP: 500, Strength: 100
Key Digimon -
Evolves From Koromon
Evolves To Greymon, Tyranomon, Meramon, Greymon (Virus)

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
017 - Agumon
Level Child
Attribute Vaccine
Element Fire
Memory Use 5
Equip Slot 1
Type Attack
Level 99 Stats
HP 1620
SP 98
ATK 195
DEF 162
INT 93
SPD 135
Evolution Requirements Level 9, Attack 30, Friendship 10
Location Digital Space 11
Drop Items - HP Capsule B
- Agumon Medal
Evolves From Koromon
Evolves To - Geo Greymon
- Greymon
- Meramon
- Tyranomon
- Scumon
Special Technique Baby Flame
5 SP/Single-target/70 Power/Fire Element
Inheritance Skills L6 - Baby Strike I
L12 - Attack Charge
Support Skill Dragon's Roar
Raises damage of Fire-element moves by 15%.

Digimon Championship[edit]

Digimon Championship
Agumon championship.png
027 - Agumon
Level Child
Attribute Vaccine
Type Dragon
Capacity 14
Location - Magma Mountain
- Drive Savannah
Special Techniques - Baby Flame
- Baby Burner
Evolution Requirements 3+ Battles
Evolves From Koromon
Evolves To Greymon, Geo Greymon, Scumon, Tyranomon
Japanese Profile 2本あしであるくようになった きょうりゅう型デジモン。
ゆうかんなせいかくでこわいものしらずだが まだせいちょうのとちゅうであるため のうりょくはひくい。
Translated Profile A Dinosaur-type Digimon which has grown to become able to walk on two legs.
It can be considered the ideal representation of Child level Digimon, and many subspecies of it exist.
It knows no fear due to its bravery, but its battle capabilities are low as it is still in the midst of growth.

Digimon Crusader[edit]

Japanese Profile 怖いもの知らずの性格と固いツメを武器に戦う元気なデジモン。その小さな身体の中には、溢れんばかりの勇気と未知なる成長の可能性を秘めている。
Translated Profile An energetic Digimon who knows no fear, it fights using its hard claws as weapons. Its small body overflows with courage, and hides uncharted potential for growth.
Special Technique Triple Baby Flame - トリプルベビーフレイム

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

024 - Agumon
Agumon battle dsle.png Agumon battle hit dsle.png Agumon battle attack dsle.png
Idle Hit Attack
Agumon map dsle.png Level Species Secondary Sp. Type Resists Weak
Dsle level child.png Child
Dsle species dragon.png Dragon
Dsle species2 dragon.png Dragon
Fire Dark
Evolution Tree
Dsle species dragon.png Agumon Tree
Evolution Requirements
Level 10
Plate Location Default
Evolves from Koromon
Evolves to Greymon, Geo Greymon
Special Skill
Ice Melt こおりとかし
Petit Flame プチフレイム
Sharp Claws するどいツメ
Baby Flame ベビーフレイム
Health 100% けんこう100%
Curiosity こうきしん
Support Ability
Attack UP 2 こうげきUP2
Japanese Profile 成長して 2そくほこうが できるように なった
てあしに はえている かたいツメと
クチから はきだす「ベビーフレイム」で
どんなあいてにも たちむかう
たのもしい デジモンだ
Translated Profile A Reptile type Digimon that grew to become capable of walking on twos. Using the hard claws on its hands and feet, and the 'Baby Flame' attack it spits from its mouth, it is a reliable Digimon that will stand up against any opponent.

Digital Monster Ver. 1[edit]

Agumon vpet dm.gif Agumon
Level Min. Weight Hunger Active Lifespan Stamina
Child 20 G 24 0800-1900 72-80 hrs 20
Evolves From Koromon (0-3 Calls)
Evolves To - Greymon (0-3 Calls, Train 32+)
- Tyranomon (4+ Calls, Train 5-15, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances)
- Devimon (0-3 Calls, Train 0-31)
- Meramon (4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances)
- Numemon (No other requirements fulfilled)

Digimon Pendulum ZERO Virus Busters[edit]

Agumon vpet pen.gif Agumon
Level Attribute Min. Weight Hunger Active Lifespan
Child Vaccine 20 G 24 0800-2000 22 hrs
Evolves From Nyaromon (0-2 Calls)
Evolves To - Greymon (0-2 Calls, Train 30+)
- Leomon (3+ Calls, Train 0-24)
- Garurumon (3+ Calls, Train 25+)
- Angemon (0-2 Calls, Train 0-29)

Digimon Pendulum Progress 1.0 Dragon's Roar[edit]

Agumon vpet dv.gif Agumon
Level Attribute Type Weight Hunger Strength DP Lifespan
Child Vaccine Stamina 15 G 8 4 20 28 hrs
Min HP/Max HP 9/23 Min AP/Max AP 4/6 Min SP/Max SP 0/1
Tera Hits 31, 63
Special Technique Baby Flame
Evolves From Gigimon (Focus Training in Morning)
Evolves To - Greymon (0-2 Calls OR Train 50+, Focus Training in Morning)
- Tyranomon (3+ Calls, Train 0-49, Focus Training in Morning)
- XV-mon (0-3 Calls OR Train 40+, Focus Training in Afternoon)
- V-dramon (4+ Calls, Train 0-39, Focus Training in Afternoon)
- Growmon (0-4 Calls, Focus Training in Night)
- Airdramon (5+ Calls, Focus Training in Night)

Digimon Mini Ver 1.0[edit]

Agumon vpet pen.gif Agumon
Level Attribute Min. Weight Hunger Strength Tera Hits Lifespan
Child Vaccine 15 G 8 25 24-31 28 hrs
Special Technique Baby Flame
Evolves From Koromon (0-1 Calls)
Evolves To - Greymon (0-1 Calls, Train 30+)
- Garurumon (2-4 Calls, Train 11+)
- Seadramon (5-7 Call, Train 0-10)
- Numemon (8+ Calls)

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit[edit]

Agumon dtbs.png Agumon
Evolves To War Greymon, Omegamon (EX)
Obtained From Start
B Mach Jab マッハジャブ - 2 D-Spirits
Dash + B Mach Jab Combo マッハジャブコンボ - 6 D-Spirits
Aerial B Dynamite Kick ダイナマイトキック - 2 D-Spirits
Up + B Baby Flame ベビーフレイム - 1 D-Spirit
Aerial Up + B Aerial Baby Flame 空中ベビーフレイム - 1 D-Spirit
Taunt Poop