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Singular Rider S The Final: Farewell S, Everyone Will Miss You (Dub: PR the Series The Movie: The Rebirth of S) is the upcoming movie of Singular Rider S films which is serves as a final part of Samuel Saga. This movie is served as a epilogue of Samuel's Journey Saga and Menoa Saga set before event of Shiho's New Journey Saga. It was released on October 20, 2020 on simultaneously worldwide.


Prologue I: Samuel Nakaoka's Nightmare[edit]

Prologue II: The S's Ends[edit]

Having woke up from his nightmare about his past of Hari Kyo and cruel actions,

The Last Hope: SRebirth[edit]



  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Maki Himekawa/Hari Kyo → Singular Rider S → Singular Rider SRebirth → Flame Steel Dragon S-Dragon/Flame God Dragon Singuldragon → S: The Last -
  • Hikari Yagami -
  • Shouko Kyoyama → Singular Rider Re -
  • Kiriya Noikami → Singular Rider Ki -
  • Misumi Nagisa/Alphara → Cure Black → Super Cure Black -
  • Menoa Bellucia - An deceased friend of Samuel Nakaoka the Second. During the last battle against Chaos Lord Yami-O, Menoa's spirit temporarily merged with Samuel Nakaoka's Dragon EvolBottle which to create DragonicFinal BuildBottle in order to transform into his Singular Rider S's ultimate final form called Singular Rider SRebirth.
  • Veteran Heroes
    • Honoka Yukishiro → Cure White -
    • Hikari Kujou → Shiny Luminous -
    • Tsumiki Kashiwagi -
    • Kumon Kai -
    • Yuya Sakaki -
    • Yuzu Hiiragi -
    • Leona West -
    • Natsume Amano/Shuka-Natsume -
    • Aiji Nakaoka Joo -
    • Queen -
    • Ayano Hinasaki -
    • Emi Sendou -
    • Shunka -
    • Emperor of Darkness Z -



  • Chaos Lord Yami-O - The final antagonist in Post-ZEXAL 2 Saga who captures every person in every worlds including Samuel Nakaoka's friends. It was created from the negative emotions from the first world.


BuildEvo AdapterFinalKnuckle[edit]

BuildEvo AdapterFinalKnuckle is the upgraded form of BuildEvo AdapterKnuckle.

DragonicFinal BuildBottle[edit]

DragonicFinal BuildBottle is the most powerful BuildBottle created from Menoa's spirit merged with Samuel Nakaoka's Dragon EvolBottle.

Singular Rider SRebirth[edit]

S: The Last[edit]

Samuel Nakaoka the Second's final form when he reconciles his past incarnation, Hari Koo. Because of Samuel Nakaoka's life is begin to count down at ten minutes and urge to prevent his permanent death and no resurrection, Samuel Nakaoka reconciles Hari Koo since she and Samuel Nakaoka are the same person in the same coin allowing them to fused together.