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Fan Digimon[edit]

Meianmon Eos-X[edit]

Meianmon Eos-X (メイアンモン・エオスX)
Digimon noimage.jpg
Level Ultimate
Type Kunoichi
Attribute Unidentified
Evolved from Meianmon + Eosmon (Ultimate)
Digimon Reference Book

This is Kunoichi Digimon's final and Jogressed form obtained from the eternal bonds of the wishes and hope of two Chosen Children that Eosmon transformed into an armor and a weapon called Eos Armed. Due to the final evolution of Meianmon, it was so powerful and immeasurable that can easily defeat the god from the beyond even the darkness that corrupts everything. Its Special Attack is Meian Sword Slash equipped with a Eos-Swordcalibur and defensive attack called Meian Shield Reflector equipped with a Seadrahuanglong Refleshield.

Meian Sword Slash (明暗剣切)
Meian Shield Reflector (明暗盾反射)
Eternal Bonds
Punch and kick its opponent continously.


Feathzermon (フェザーモン)/Dub: Plucillomon
Digimon noimage.jpg
Level Perfect
Type Bird Man
Attribute Free
Evolved from Human + Digimon Spirits
Digimon Reference Book

A feminine Bird Man that is the appearance of the humanoid, but like Shutumon, it has avian features. This Digimon is originally the Giant Bird Type Digimon that was never being created, but it was mutated due to the influence of Ancient Irismon and change its Type.

Harpy's Perisher