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Mitochondriamon (also known Mitochondriamon Baby II)
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Level Type Attribute
Baby II
Evolved from Evolved into
DigiTama's data (with Samuel Nakaoka and Hari's malice insanity and erased first timezone's negative energy)
Mitochondriamon Child (w/Putotyra Combo, Zangetsu Melon Energy and Vegeta's Super Saiyan 4)
Reference Book Anime Information
This Unidentified Digimon is a embryo-like lifeform born from Samuel Nakaoka's original icarnation: Hari's malice and insanity as well the erased first timezone's negative energy. Unlike any Baby II Digimon, Mitochondriamon is a extremely dangerous Digimon that analyzes all data to adapt and evolve. Due to tremedous power, Mitochondriamon is the strongest Baby II Digimon that being created. Whenever this being was a Digimon is unknown due to its existence. Mitochondriamon is a Unidentified Digimon born from Samuel Nakaoka and Hari's malice from the erased first timezone that Samuel Nakaoka erased the Rider War to prevent Tsukasa from becoming the Destroyer of the Worlds, but unintentionally release the huge amounts of negative energy. According to Ginzan, she adapts herself by copying the data from all worlds and evolve herself.
Copy Scan Scan any beings' data to adapt.
Deadly Beam Shoot its opponent with a red laser beam.
Anime History
Mitochondriamon is a true final antagonistic Digimon who was born from Samuel Nakaoka's malice and Hari's hatred that were lost everything and erased first timezone that Samuel Nakaoka erasing the Rider War, but the procession of erasing the Rider War causes to releasing the masses of negative energy, creating a most insane Digimon of mass destruction. She copied OOO's Putotyra Combo, Zangetsu's Melon Energy Arms and Vegeta's Super Saiyan 4, she evolved into her Child form and attack Team S.