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Maki Himekawa is the central protagonist in both Post-ZEXAL Saga: Gairum Arc and Riserger: Time-Travel Arc (the adaptation of the film movies of Singular Rider S Movie: Digimon Adventure tri.). Maki is the yin-reincarnation of the original Evolution God Hari Kyo, being her other half: Samuel Nakaoka the Second. She is the original Chosen Child and her Digimon Partner, Bakumon.

Originally, she was said to have worked with Yggdrasil in order to activate the Reboot system in order to resurrect Bakumon and, ostensibly, stop the spread of the Infection. However, it was revealed that she was deceived by Samuel Nakaoka the Second's sworn enemy: Kumon Kai, the true mastermind behind the events of the Infection occurrences and modifying the Reboot system, as well as the perpetrator responsible for killing Daimo Nishima under the guises of Gennai and Digimon Kaiser. Maki is angered with Kumon because he intends to remake every world in his own image by annihilating Samuel Nakaoka the Second, who has a life link with her.

After Shiho's awakened Selflessness Resonance paired with her first time BEAST Mode and Meianmon kills an berserk Kumon, Maki and Samuel Nakaoka the Second become one, unwittingly awakening Hari's dormant within. However, they were being separated once more by an infuriated Samuel Nakaoka because Aichi (from V series timeline) had murdered Menoa and forced himself to kill the past young Aichi by attempt to save Menoa from Aichi's fatal blow. Fortunately, Maki and Tsukasa both prevented Samuel Nakaoka from going insane, as well as his incomplete transformation into the BEAST King.




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