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KyoryuMervamon (キョウリュウメルヴァモン)
Digimon noimage.jpg
Level None
Type Enhancement
Attribute Unidentified
Evolved from Mervamon + Kyoryumaru/Kyoryu Origami
Evolved to Mervamon BX3 (with Kinkakumon)
Digimon Reference Book

The Enhancement Digimon that was DigiXrossed of Mervamon from the Digimon World and Kyoryu Origami from the Main World which also known as The Sexy Warrior of Two Worlds. Mervamon removes Medullia and merged with both Kyoryu Origami and Olympia Kai into a hybridized living sword called Kaikyoryu-Ohmaru. KyoryuMervamon's power is surpassed from any Ultimate-Level Digimon and its Special Attack is Kyoryu Daimetsu Slash to slash its opponent with Kaikyoryu-Ohmaru which it extends its sword.

Anime History
When Mervamon was in trouble against a large Raremon, Kyoryumaru come to help and tell him to DigiXros with it. Samuel Nakaoka accepts Kyoryumaru's help despite it from the Main World and Mervamon and Kyoryumaru DigiXrossed into a new form; KyoryuMervamon