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(K-Touch stylish sound)

Decade, OOO, GoseiRed, Gaimu, Rockman.EXE, Red Buster, Specter, Zi-O, Zero-One!

Xtra... FinalCommandRide! Singular Rider!

CommandRide: Complete 21, Super Tatoba, Miraculous, Kiwami, Grezar, CrimsonZ, Sin-Specter, Oma Zi-O, RealizingRisingHopper!

Homura, Eureka, Hibiki, Saya, Diva, Orihime, Mervamon, Maki, 21gou!

Xtra... FinalCommandRide! Toki no Kaioshin!

CommandRide: Pneuma, Coral Reef, X-Drive, DeepRed, LostBlue, Seioshin, Best Xros Sevens, Shinkashin, Full Rainbow

XTRAFinalKamen Brace D-Touch XTRA is the upgraded variant of FinalCommand Brace: D-Touch used by Samuel Nakaoka the Second in order to transform into his extra final form; Singular Rider S-XTRAComplete. It was created by Samuel Nakaoka the Second by using FinalModeRide: Decade card on Decade Anotherwatch that Swartz used. It was revealed that Decade Anotherwatch has copied Oma Zi-O's, Symphogear X-Drive's and Ignis' data to forge the D-Touch XTRA.

Because of this, Tsukasa became extremely shocked that Samuel Nakaoka the Second's creation is his desire of resurrection of Nagisa Misumi. The D-Touch Xtra and XTRAComplete are proved to be the most powerful arsenals in every worlds. However, he was realized that their arsenals are no match against the BEAST Gods who interferes the reviving wishes.


Creation of D-Touch XTRA[edit]

When Tsukasa manage to overpower an vengeful-hunger Samuel Nakaoka the Second and rescue Queen as Decade Complete Form 21; the evolved form of Complete Form, Samuel Nakaoka revealed to Tsukasa he has Decade Anotherwatch that Swartz used and reveals to him that Decade Anotherwatch has copies the data of Oma Zi-O, the Symphogear's X-Drive and the Ignis' data before he used FinalModeRide Decade card to convert Decade Anotherwatch into the upgraded version of D-Touch called D-Touch XTRA.

True Plan Revealed[edit]

After brutally beat Tsukasa up and Queen surrendered her LINK VRAINS data to Samuel Nakaoka the Second,

Super Power Rangers Heroes: Ultra God Mission[edit]