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Crimson Royals (真紅王立, Shinku-Ōritsu; Royal of the Crimsons in the dubbed version) are the former central antagonistic, now protagonist group led by Samuel Nakaoka the Second and the final enemy in Post-ZEXAL 2 and Menoa Saga. After their initial goal is to steal positive energy from the worlds, it was revealed that Samuel Nakaoka's true goal is to create the Stone of the Wishes by using the positive energy of every worlds that they stole in order to fully revive and separate Nagisa Misumi from Alphara who become BEAST God. However, Samuel Nakaoka's wish is refused because of its flawed rule that the Stone of the Wishes cannot grant any wishes for the impure-hearted person and also explains Samuel Nakaoka that Nagisa has a important duty to protect humanity and his cruel actions for doing his evil biddings. But thanks to Pneuma's energy's powers that Samuel Nakaoka taken, Samuel Nakaoka remove the flawed rule and almost revive Nagisa and separate from Alphara. However, Nagisa finds out in horror that Samuel Nakaoka the Second's cruel actions and angrily abandoned him which she stopped her resurrection herself, ending Samuel Nakaoka's ambitions.

During Dimitrescu's incidents, Lena explains Samuel Nakaoka why Nagisa has abandoned him because of his horrify actions for hurting his own friends and destroying Kolda's Spirit Core for becoming the BEAST King.

After his lost memories of Fuku, the ancestor of Mana Inuyama are recovered and due to combining with Hari's vengeance and Fuku's insanity, she attempt to destroy the universes including their worlds.



Member Armies Incarnated Form
Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Aoi Zaizen (Zephyroth) Crimson Royals Hari Kyo/Fuku/Singular Rider S-XTRACOMPLETE
Swartz Time Jackers Another Decade
Shem-Ha Mephorash Noble Red Shem-Ha Miku
Ai-E Ignisters Sleiprok (Regnark in the dub)
Sealas Time Patrol Sealas: Awakened Mode

Allied Members[edit]

Member Armies Awakening