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Attribute (属性 Zokusei, suffixed with 種 Shu ) refers to the type of computer file a Digimon represents. There are six different possible attributes:

Attribute Kanji/Kana Romanization Symbol
Vaccine ワクチン Wakuchin Va
Data データ Dēta Da
Virus ウィルス Wirusu Vi
Free フリー Furī
Variable バリアブル or ヴァリアブル Bariaburu or Variaburu Ba
Unknown 不明 Fumei 不明

Digimon with the same name and different attributes sometimes look different and in some cases have different attacks or types as well. Digimon with the Variable attribute, which at least so far means Hybrid, change attribute to match that of their opponent. Vaccine digimon are supposed to be more powerful against Virus digimon, Virus digimon are supposed to be more powerful against Data digimon, and Data digimon are supposed to be more powerful against Vaccine digimon.

In a more general sense, they can also represent personality types:

  • Vaccine: As a rule, Vaccine digimon are usually good, put a high emphasis on justice and morals, and fight against evil.
  • Data: Data digimon can be good or evil, but generally value peace above all.
  • Virus: Virus digimon desire power, and can often become greedy, selfish, wild, or evil in pursuit of it.

Digimon of the same attribute will generally get along well with each other. However, all of the above is not set in stone and there have been heroic Virus Digimon, as well as villainous Vaccine digimon. The Attribute system started out as a sort of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" determinator in the virtual pets. This is still, in essence, in use in most mediums (especially the Card Game), though less strongly stressed.

Vaccine is dominant over Virus. Virus is dominant over Data. Data is dominant over Vaccine. Variable is 'tied' with all other Attributes, a rather unique factor in R/P/S variants. Unknown is dominant over all other Attributes.