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Translation for the description in Japanese.

Due to having an old style interface on its forehead, this beast type Digimon is guessed to be an experimental Prototype Digimon from before Digimon were discovered. It covers its body with an expensive Japanese-style armor for defensive power, but its movements are nimble and it fights while jumping boldly into the chest of the opponent. It masters the craft of combat the more it fights, it possesses a courageous spirit that does not fear mighty enemy Digimon and the temperament of a warrior (samurai spirit). During the experiment, it has been told that the data that was hidden in the deepest parts of its Digicore were the data of the fierce battles of “warlords” and “dragons” found in Japanese mythology, so it is said that it has the potential to grow into a mighty Digimon. Signature Move: to receive the attack of the enemy with its helmet and counterattack (Kabutogaeshi). Special Move is to jump into the opponent’s chest and release a steel sword from its mouth (Iaijin).

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