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Hello all. It has been a while.

Starting from now, I'll be restarting my efforts to translate all the official digimon profiles. As usual, I'll be posting them on the discussion page so they can be reviewed by the moderators before being added to the main page.

A Digimon that took the form of a young boy and freely dances in the sky. It lures young, childish Digimon that refuse to evolve by saying "let's create a country just for children" and invites them to the world of children that it established, Nevereverland. Said to have a naive, innocent personality, but cruelty lies in there exactly because of its purity. Particularly, it ends up mercilessly shooting down Digimon who break their promises while pretending to play a "judgment game". Petermon's handling of swords is first-class and it skillfully manipulates the knife on its waist to judge the enemy. With the splendid sword judgment in which each strike accurately hits a vital spot (Snipe Sting) and the Twinkle Shoot that, if thrown, pursues the enemy until it hits, it persistently chases about while smiling scornfully. Also, the melody of Petermon's easy-going whistle (Midnight Fantasia) can freely manipulate childish Digimon sleeping nearby while they are at sleep.

Reviews and comments are welcome. --Libra00 02:09, 10 December 2011 (CST)