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Rosetta Stone "digicode"
Line 1: Dco.pngDco.pngDci.pngDcna.pngルDchi.pngDcka.pngDcri.pngDcno.pngDci.pngDcshi.pngDcyo.png
(巨なる光の石よ Ōinaru hikari no ishi yo, lit. "The stone of great light,")

Line 2: Dcso.pngDcno.pngDcchi.pngDcka.pngDcu.pngDcwo.pngDcshi.pngDcte.png
(その誓うをして Sono chikau wo shite, lit. "That which vows,")

Line 3: Dcji.pngDcya.pngアDcku.pngDcno.pngDcya.pngDcmi.pngDcwo.png
(邪悪の闇を Jāku no yami wo)

Line 4: Dcno.pngDcchi.pngDcha.png ? Dci.png ()

Possible DigiLetter Text[edit]

I was searching through one of the lines (Line 3) and came across this. I'm not sure where this user obtained this information from (lineart possibly?); it has also cropped up in a few other places, but the claim is that the text reads "大いなる光の意志よ その力をもて 邪悪の闇を 打ち祓い 消滅せしめよ この世に永遠の 平和を". Upon closer inspection of St-443 and the bottom line in Zero Two Episode 49, it appears to support it/add up, especially with the "nochi hakai" thing. So the overall text, based on this, would read:

Line 1: Dco w.pngDco w.pngTest3.pngDcna w.pngDcru2 w.pngDchi3 w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcri w.pngDcno w.pngTest3.pngDcshi w.pngDcyo w.png

Line 2: Dcso w.pngDcno w.pngDcchi w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcra w.pngDcwo w.pngDcmo w.pngDcte w.png

Line 3: Dcji w.pngDcya w.pngDca w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcno w.pngDcya w.pngDcmi w.pngDcwo w.png

Line 4: Dcu w.pngDcchi w.pngDcha w.pngDcra w.pngTest3.png

Line 5: Dcshi w.pngDcyo w.pngDcu w.pngDcme w.pngDctsu w.pngDcse w.pngDcshi w.pngDcme w.pngDcyo w.png

Line 6: Dcko w.pngDcno w.pngDcyo w.pngDcni w.pngDce w.pngTest3.pngDce w.pngTest4a.pngDcno w.png

Line 7: Dche w.pngTest3.pngDcwa w.pngDcwo w.png

--Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 08:30, 23 August 2014 (CDT)