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Translation for the description in Japanese.

A still immature Digimon that took the form of a dinosaur. Although it is still growing, its potential for “fighting species” that Digimon essentially possess is quite high and it conceals the brutality of a carnivorous beast. The mark drawn in its belly is called “Digital Hazard” and it is imprinted on that which is capable of extensive damage to computer data. However, if this ability has a peaceful application, it might become a guardian existence for the Digital World. Specialty Skill is to destroy rocks with its tough anterior claws (Rock Breaker). Special Move is to spit out a powerful flame bullet (Fireball).

The effect on Guilmon’s Digicore due to the X-Antibody.

The mark of “Digital Hazard” has disappeared. Such is because this small body has accepted and contained that power. This power has not yet awoken, but it has been said that if properly raised it will grow into a true guardian of the Digital World of improved quality. Because its instincts of Virus type also increases, its personality became more aggressive. The Fire Mitts that adhere to its body are an application of its Special Move Fireball onto its arms to beat the enemy with a blowing attack.

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