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Translation for the description in Japanese.

A wrestling Beast Man Digimon that took in the data of many wrestling games, it crushes its enemies with an original secret technique. Phantasmagoric techniques are drawn out by making the turbines in both its arms and legs rotate at high-velocity, but since the turbines spin by blowing in the fighting spirit emitted from the Digicore all at once, it cannot be maintained with average perseverance. Exactly because it is Grappuleomon, which inherited the data of the “King of Beasts” Leomon, with its strong feelings towards righteousness that the high-speed rotation of the turbines reaches supremacy. Special Moves are making the turbine in the arm rotate until its limit to create pressure that bends gravity itself and pounding in a single strike (Shishiju Hazan), and an ultimate barrage of spinning kicks where the whole body is rotated (Senpu Turbine Keri).

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