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Chinese Profile[edit]

苍龙兽之中,只有极少数可以进化成为晶龙兽。能够冷冻全身使之化为盔甲,大幅度提高防御力和攻击力。 羽翼上的大型冰柱可以保持自己在任何高温下不受影响。另外,从喷射口射出的冷气能够操纵气流,也可保持在暴风雪中的高速飞行。 普通技是释放出羽翼上的全部冰柱向敌人展开全方位打击的「冰刃浮游炮」。必杀技是瞬间将大量寒冰聚集成小型冰山,投掷向敌人的「极乐冻土」。

Only a select few Paledramon are able to evolve into Crys Paledramon. It is capable of freezing its entire body, forming armour that greatly raises its defensive and offensive power. Thanks to the large icicles mounted on its wings, it is not affected even by high temperatures. Not only that, the cold air it blasts from the icicle nozzles can be used to control air currents, allowing Crys Paledramon to maintain high-speed flight even during snowstorms. Its Signature Move is an omnidirectional attack where it fires all of the icicles on its wings at the enemy (Ice Blade Floating Cannon). Its Special Move is amassing a large amount of frost in an instant, forming a miniature iceberg which it then hurls at the enemy (Paradise Cryosol).