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Spirit Evolution!!
Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots; cannot receive the effects of being 'invalidated' or 'sent to the Dark Area'.
Effects: ◎Send your Digimon to the Dark Area and make a Hybrid level or Warrior Ten Digimon appear from your hand, ignoring the appearance requirements. After appearing, send the top 5 cards of your Net Ocean to the Dark Area (when the Hybrid level that appeared wins a battle, your opponent takes the lost points of an Ultimate).
◎This card cannot be used when your Digimon is Level III or Level IV.
◎At the end of the turn during which this card was used, regardless of whether you won or lost the battle, stack the Digimon in your Digimon box together with this card onto your point gauge.
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
[効果]: ◎自分のデジモンをダークエリアに送り、出現条件を無視して手札から「ハイブリッド体」か、所属「十闘士」デジモンを出現させる。出現後、「ネットの海」の上から5枚をダークエリアに送る(このカードで出現した「ハイブリッド体」がバトルに勝つと相手はロストポイント「究」になる)