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Spirit of Wood B
Activation Timing: Evolution Phase
◎When there are no cards in your support box and slots 2 and 3, send this card face-down from your hand to your support box.
◎Cannot receive the effects of being 'invalidated' or 'sent to the Dark Area'; cannot receive the effects of 'Infinity Tower'.
Category: Spirit: Beast Spirit (1 card max on your sheet)
Effects: ◎You can make a Digimon that has fulfilled its 'Spirit Evolution' appearance requirements appear in your Digimon box. The Digimon that appeared gains the ability "hungry". During battle, the Digimon also gains the effect 'When facing a Digimon with the type Food (Insectivorous Plant included), add 200 to your attack power. For every Option card that you or the opponent uses that belongs to the Food category, add 150 to your attack power.' (During appearance, excluding this card, you cannot place any Option cards in your support box. When you win the battle, your opponent takes the lost points of an Ultimate).
発動タイミング: 進化フェイズ
カテゴリー スピリット・ビーストスピリット(自分シートに最大1枚)
[効果]: ◎自分のデジモンボックスに、出現条件を満たした「スピリット進化」デジモンを出現させる。出現したデジモンは能力「ハングリー」を得る。更にバトル中【種族に「食」の文字が入るデジモンに対し攻撃力が+200される。「自分か相手」がカテゴリー「食物」のオプションカードを使用する毎に攻撃力が+150される】効果を得る(出現中はこのカードを除き、自分援護ボックスに「オプションカード」を置けない。バトルに勝つと相手はロストポイント「究」になる)