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Activation Timing: Evolution Phase
◎When there are no cards in your support box and slots 2 and 3, send this card face-down from your hand to your support box.
◎Cannot receive the effects of being 'invalidated' or 'sent to the Dark Area'.
Category: Digivice
Effects: ◎Ignore the appearance requirements and make one Hybrid level Digimon with 'Spirit H' in its appearance requirements appear in your Digimon Box (During appearance, excluding this card, you cannot place any cards in your support box and slots 2 and 3. When you win the battle, your opponent takes the lost points of an Ultimate). This card remains in the support box until the Digimon that appeared using this card is sent to the Dark Area.
◎Ignore the appearance requirements of your Digimon belonging to the Warrior Ten and make it appear (after making a Warrior Ten Digimon appear, send this card to the Dark Area).
発動タイミング: 進化フェイズ
カテゴリー デジヴァイス
[効果]: ◎自分デジモンボックスに【出現条件「スピリットH」の文字が入るハイブリッド体】を出現条件を無視して出現させる(出現中はこのカードを除き、自分援護ボックスとスロット2・3にカードを置けない。バトルに勝つと相手はロストポイント「究」になる)。カードは出現したデジモンがダークエリアに送られるまで援護ボックスに残る