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PB-16 playmat.jpg
Set Name Digimon Card Game Tamer Goods Set EX3 [PB-16]
Japanese Name デジモンカードゲーム テイマーグッズセットEX3【PB-16】
Release Date November 2023
No. of Cards 13 (3 unique cards)
Previous Set PB-15 (DCG)
Next Set PB-17 (DCG)

The Digimon Card Game Tamers Goods Set EX3 [PB-16] includes the following Digimon Card Game accessories:

  • Playmat ×1
  • Digimon Cards (2 different designs) ×8
  • Token Cards x5

Cards List[edit]

Card Number Card Name Japanese Name Color Rarity Quantity
BT5-085 Armagemon アーマゲモン White Super Rare x4
P-114 Diablomon ACE ディアボロモンACE Black Promotion x4
Token Card Diablomon ディアボロモン White x5



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PB-16 playmat.jpg

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