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PB-13 Pocketbinder.jpg
Set Name Digimon Card Game Royal Knights Binder Set [PB-13]
Japanese Name デジモンカードゲーム ロイヤルナイツ バインダーセット【PB-13】
Release Date February 2023
No. of Cards 8
Previous Set PB-12 (DCG)
Next Set PB-14 (DCG)

The Digimon Card Game Royal Knights Binder Set [PB-13] includes the following Digimon Card Game accessories:

  • 9 Pocket Binder ×1
  • 9 Pocket Refill ×10
  • Cards (8 different designs) ×8

Cards List[edit]

Card Number Card Name Japanese Name Color Rarity
BT5-007 Agumon アグモン Red Common
BT5-020 Gabumon ガブモン Blue Uncommon
ST9-02 V-mon ブイモン Blue Uncommon
P-041 Guilmon ギルモン Red Promotion
P-043 Kudamon クダモン Yellow Promotion
BT9-058 DORUmon ドルモン Black Uncommon
ST8-03 Dracomon ドラコモン Blue Common
BT6-009 Hackmon ハックモン Red Rare



Dcg-BT5-007 4.jpg Dcg-BT5-020 4.jpg Dcg-ST9-02 2.jpg Dcg-P-041 3.jpg Dcg-P-043 2.jpg Dcg-BT9-058 2.jpg Dcg-ST8-03 2.jpg Dcg-BT6-009 2.jpg


PB-13 Pocketbinder.jpg PB-13 Pocketbinder2.jpg
9 Pocket Binder 9 Pocket Binder

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