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PB-01 Storagebox.jpg
Set Name Digimon Card Game TAMER'S EVOLUTION BOX [PB-01]
Japanese Name デジモンカードゲーム TAMER'S EVOLUTION BOX[PB-01]
Release Date January 2021
No. of Cards 8
Next Set PB-02 (DCG)

The Digimon Card Game TAMER'S EVOLUTION BOX [PB-01] includes the following Digimon Card Game accessories:

  • Playmat ×1
  • Memory Gauge ×1
  • Storage Box ×1
  • Acrylic Marker ×1
  • Card Sleeves ×50
  • Digitama Card Sleeves ×5
  • Card Case ×1
  • Cards (8 different designs) ×8

Cards List[edit]

Card Number Card Name Japanese Name Color Rarity
ST1-13 Shadow Wing シャドーウィング Red Common
ST1-16 Gaia Force ガイアフォース Red Uncommon
ST2-13 Hammer Spark ハンマースパーク Blue Common
ST2-16 Cocytus Breath コキュートスブレス Blue Uncommon
ST3-13 Heaven's Gate ヘブンズゲート Yellow Common
ST3-14 Heaven's Charm ヘブンズチャーム Yellow Common
BT1-108 Horn Buster ホーンバスター Green Common
BT1-110 Flow' Cannon フラウカノン Green Rare



Dcg-ST1-13 2.jpg Dcg-ST1-16 2.jpg Dcg-ST2-13 2.jpg Dcg-ST2-16 2.jpg Dcg-ST3-13 2.jpg Dcg-ST3-14 2.jpg Dcg-BT1-108 2.jpg Dcg-BT1-110 3.jpg


PB-01 Cardcase.jpg PB-01 Memorygauge.jpg PB-01 Digitamasleeves.jpg PB-01 Cardsleeves.jpg
Card Case Memory Gauge Digitama Card Sleeves Card Sleeves
PB-01 Playmat.jpg PB-01 Storagebox.jpg
Playmat Storage Box

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