Himi Yutaka

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Himi Yutaka
Himi Yutaka
Kanji/Kana 氷見 豊
Dub Name Yutaka Himi
Family Father and mother (Unnamed), Himi Tomoki (Younger brother)
Voice Actor Japanese Taniyama Kishô (谷山 紀章 )
English Joshua Seth

Himi Yutaka is a minor character in Digimon Frontier.


Tomoki's older brother, he is short tempered with his sibling's constant neediness and dependence despite his age.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

Yutaka is Tomoki's older brother, and a university student. Though he made only one appearance in one episode, and was merely mentioned here and there throughout the season, it can already be deduced that he and Tomoki did not have a good relationship. It had to do with Tomoki, as the baby of the family, being constantly cuddled and spoiled by their parents, who bought him anything and everything he wanted (even if it was expensive electronic games), something which Yutaka severely disapproved of. As unlike his parents as possible, he refused to indulge Tomoki in anyway, and always seemed to be quite hard on him, going as far as to telling him straight in the face that he thought of him as friendless, spoiled, and selfish. This led to Tomoki believing that his brother did not love him, and caused a severe rift in their relationship: Tomoki even yelled out loud that he hated him, though it is unknown whether Yutaka had heard this hurtful comment or not.

While one could sum up Yutaka's treatment of Tomoki to jealousy, the truth was that he did love and care for his brother, and only wanted to teach him several vital lessons of reality: that he must learn to be independent, that one would not always get everything he wanted in real life, and that the way to make real friends was to be thoughtful and considerate towards others, instead of constantly expecting others to be nice to him and to do whatever he wanted.

Ultimately, Tomoki realized the lessons that his older brother had been trying to teach him all along, and they served to give him the mental strength and determination he needed to independently defeat Asuramon. After this, Tomoki made up his mind to tell Yutaka that he now understood what he had been trying to tell him all along, and that he loved him for it.

Though it was not shown on screen, it can be theorized that Yutaka's and Tomoki's relationship improved drastically now that Tomoki had developed maturity and embraced life's lessons.