Figure-rise Standard

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Figurerisestandard logo.png
The Figure-rise Standard series

List of Figures[edit]

Name Release Date Availability Re-Release
Omegamon (AMPLIFIED) October 2019
War Greymon (AMPLIFIED) October 2019  
Metal Garurumon (AMPLIFIED) July 2020  
Black War Greymon (AMPLIFIED) September 2020  
Imperialdramon (AMPLIFIED)  

Image Gallery[edit]

Omegamon figure-rise standard.jpg Figurerisestandard wargreymon 1.jpg Figurerisestandard metalgarurumon 1.jpg Figurerisestandard blackwargreymon 1.jpg
Omegamon (AMPLIFIED) War Greymon (AMPLIFIED) Metal Garurumon (AMPLIFIED) Black War Greymon (AMPLIFIED)