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CD Data[edit]

Title Digimon World 2 Original Soundtrack
Dejimon Wārudo 2 Uta to Ongaku Shuu
Release Date
Language Instrumental

Due to there not being any apparent official release for this game's soundtrack, the track listing may be incorrect or incomplete.

Track List[edit]

Track Name Translation Kanji/Kana Duration
1 Fanfare of Experience
2 Minor Victory
3 Wings of the Gold Hawks
4 The Ultimate Organism
5 Take Off to the Kernel Zone!
6 Originator
7 Meditation Dome
8 March of the Black Swords
9 Item Seller
10 GAIA's Desperation
11 Flight of the Blue Falcons
12 File Island Domain
13 File City
14 Fierce Foe
15 Directory Continent Domain
16 Digital Nursery
17 Digimon Stadium
18 Digimon Research
19 Digi-Beetle at the Ready!
20 Device Dome
21 Defiant Digimon
22 Decisive Victory
23 Data Management
24 Core Tower
25 Common Encounter Theme
26 Chaos Tower
27 Chaos General's Domain
28 Blood Knights' Domain
29 Anthem of Adventure
30 Ancient Transport

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