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Digimon Wiki is an English Digimon wiki hosted on the free wiki hosting service, Fandom (née Wikia). It was founded on February 10, 2006[1] and currently has over 11,000 articles. It is part of Fandom's Anime department in spite of Digimon not being exclusively anime.

Digimon Wiki on Fandom is affiliated with Wikimon and aims to be its counterpart in terms of scope, setting its primary coverage as the English dub rather than the Japanese source material.


The Digimon Wiki on Fandom was founded by RedMysticRanger in February 2006, and then promptly abandoned until TinPhams took over in June. At that time, the wiki was modest and undeveloped, and remained so for about a year. The Digimon Wiki in its present state is the result of a merger from the WikiProject Digimon on Wikipedia, founded in July 2005 by User:Linkofazeroth. Like the Fandom wiki, the Wikipedia project set the English dub as its primary focus.

Since the WikiProject's founding, Digimon coverage on Wikipedia had continued to be condensed into tighter and tighter list pages due to concerns over notability and "cruftiness", most visibly with the List of Digimon articles covering each of the many Digimon species. In September 2007, with the list becoming unacceptable to Wikipedia policies, most of the WikiProject's content was moved over in agreement to the nascent Wikia site in order to salvage the data. Wikimon was rejected due to its focus on the Japanese source material presenting a larger mechanical impediment to the transfer. From there, the existing Wikia editors, as well as editors who followed the project from Wikipedia, went to work expanding the coverage to remove Wikipedia's notability restrictions, and to ideally cover all Digimon-related material published by Bandai or its approved licensees.

Due to the inconsistent localizations in the dub, the editors spend a lot of time trying to confirm what Bandai is calling LordKnightmon or "Blue Thunder" this week, when they're not grousing about Fandom's latest mucking-up of the display in pursuit of adspace.


Main Articles[edit]

The Digimon Wiki on Fandom requires many of its main articles to have reliable information on both the Japanese and English dub version of Digimon, including the need to prohibit speculation and the need to provide citations.

In order, the wiki's naming structure for any Digimon species follows:

  1. The localized American English name in an anime
  2. The localized American English name in a video game
  3. The localized American English name in any other medium
  4. The English translation given on the Digimon Reference Book
  5. The English translation given on Digimon Web
  6. The English translation given in any other Japanese medium
  7. Rough English translation estimate of the Japanese name



The Digimon Wiki on Fandom allows users to post articles about Digimon fanfiction, including their own original characters not covered outside the wiki, in its Fan: namespace. It also encourages users to upload their fanart of their creations.


Look, we try, all right? There's a lot of cards and not a lot of active editors.

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