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The D-Arts (ディーアーツ Dīātsu) series consists of highly detailed, articulated figurines similar to the DReal toy line. They do not require any assembly or additional painting. As of 2014, the D-Arts line of figures was integrated into the S.H.Figuarts line.

List of Figures[edit]

Name Release Date Availability Re-Release
War Greymon November 20, 2010
Black War Greymon December 24, 2010 Bandai Collectors Shop Exclusive  
Omegamon February 19, 2011 April 2014      
Beelzebumon June 25, 2011    
Dukemon August 24, 2012    
Metal Garurumon February 6, 2013 Bandai Collectors Shop Exclusive    
War Greymon -Original Designer's Edition- April 25, 2013 Bandai Collectors Shop Exclusive    
Yagami Taichi & Agumon N/A Unreleased    
Tailmon N/A Unreleased    
Behemoth N/A Unreleased    
Diablomon N/A Unreleased, announced Feb, 2011    

Image Gallery[edit]

Darts wargreymon.jpg Darts blackwargreymon.jpg Darts omegamon.jpg Darts beelzebumon.jpg
D-Arts - War Greymon D-Arts - Black War Greymon D-Arts - Omegamon D-Arts - Beelzebumon
Darts dukemon.jpg Darts metalgarurumon.jpg Darts wargreymon-ode.jpg Darts taichi-agumon.jpg
D-Arts - Dukemon D-Arts - Metal Garurumon D-Arts - War Greymon -Original Designer's Edition- D-Arts - Yagami Taichi and Agumon
Darts tailmon.jpg Darts behemoth.jpg Darts diablomon.jpg
D-Arts - Tailmon D-Arts - Behemoth D-Arts - Diablomon