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Gate of Deadly Sins
Activation Timing: Point Calculation Phase
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots.
◎Cannot receive any effects caused by blue frame cards.
Cost: 3 cards from your Net Ocean
Requirements: When your Digimon is not Level III, and you lost the battle
Effects: Send your Digimon to the point gauge, and both you and your opponent return to the start of the evolution phase. After that, you may ignore your Digimon's evolution requirements and evolve your Digimon into a Digimon belonging to the Seven Great Demon Lords from your hand (When you use this card to evolve, you can specially ignore 'the evolution requirements cannot be ignored' written on the card).
Limit: Stack this card onto your point gauge immediately after use
発動タイミング: ポイント計算フェイズ
コスト ネット3枚
条件 自分が「レベルIII」デジモン以外でバトルに負けた時
[効果]: 自分のデジモンをポイントゲージに送り、相手と共にもい一度「進化フェイズの最初」の戻す。その後、自分のデジモンを進化条件を無視して手札内の所属「七大魔王」デジモンへ進化させてもよい(この進化は特別に「進化条件を無視できない」を無視できる)
[リミット]: 使用した直後ポイントゲージに重ねる