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All Delete
Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎This card is set face-up during preparation phase and used during battle phase.
◎This card can be set even when Particle Worm No. 2 is in effect.
Chapter Thirteen: The ultimate Omega inForce! 'To carry out the deletion of Digimon...is my duty!!'
Cost: 2 cards from your Net Ocean
Requirements: None
Effects: Check all of the opponent's slots as well as their hand; if there are 2 or more blue frame Option cards with the same name among them, send all of the cards placed in the opponent's slots to the Dark Area. If your Digimon is Omegamon, you may also send one of the opponent's DORUgoramon cards to the Dark Area.
Limit: At the end of the battle phase
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
第十三章 究極のオメガインフォース!「デジモンの削除…貫くは、使命!!」
コスト ネット2枚
条件 なし
[効果]: 相手スロットと手札の全てを確認し、その中で「同じ名前の青枠オプションカード」が2枚以上あった場合、相手スロットに置かれた全てのカードをダークエリアに送る。自分が「オメガモン」の時、更に相手「ドルゴラモン」1体をダークエリアに送る事ができる
[リミット]: バトルフェイズ終了時