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Ruler of Destruction and Regeneration
Activation Timing: Evolution Phase
◎Send this card face-down from your hand or slot to your Evolution Requirements box.
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots.
Effects: ◎Fuse your Transcendent Form Digimon into an Ultimate level Digimon with 'Ruler of Destruction and Regeneration' in its fusion requirements.
◎The A, B and C attack of the Digimon that fused cannot go to zero due to the effects of the opponent's attacks C, B or A. Moreover, just once during battle, you can search your Net Ocean for a Digimon card of the same level as the Digimon currently in your opponent's Digimon box, and add it to your hand (after drawing the card, shuffle your Net Ocean).
◎This card remains in the evolution requirements box until the Digimon that appeared using this card gets sent to the Dark Area.
発動タイミング: 進化フェイズ
[効果]: ◎自分「超越形態」デジモンを「破壊と再生を司るもの」の融合条件をもる「究極体」デジモンに融合させる