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Pillar of Light
Activation Timing: Evolution Phase
◎Send this card from your slot to your support box; this card cannot be discarded by you.
◎Cannot receive the effects of 'cannot receive the effects of Option cards'.
Effects: ◎Send the opponent's Field Option card that is currently in effect to the Dark Area. After that, reduce the attack power of the opponent's Digimon with a different background from the Field card in your slot by 500.
◎This card can only be used when your Digimon has the same background as the Field card in your slot.
◎This card is sent to the Dark Area when your Field card is removed from its slot.
◎While this card is in effect, send any of your other cards in your support box to the Dark Area.
発動タイミング: 進化フェイズ
[効果]: ◎相手スロットで発動中の「オプションカード・フィールド」をダークエリアに送る。その後、自分スロットの「フィールド」と背景が違う相手デジモンの攻撃力を-500する