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Omega Blade
Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎Discard one Omegamon card from your hand, and move this card from your hand to your support box (1 card max).
◎Cannot receive the effects of 'cannot receive the effects of Option cards' or being 'invalidated'.
Effects: ◎Both players become unable to use any Option cards or special abilities for the rest of the turn (excluding both players' Omega Blade cards). After that, add 1000 to your attack power, and your opponent's A, B, and C attack become unable to make your attack C, B, or A go to zero.
◎When you win the battle, further reduce the opponent's points by 30.
◎This card can only be used when your points are 50 and below, and your Digimon is a Vaccine attribute Ultimate level with 'Dragon Man' in its type.
◎At the end of the turn, stack this card onto your point gauge, and directly reduce your points by 20.
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
[効果]: ◎双方はターン終了まで「全てのオプションカード・特殊能力」を使用できなくなる(双方の「オメガブレード」は除く)。その後、自分の攻撃力が+1000され、相手攻撃A・B・Cの効果で「Cを0に」「Bを0に」「Aを0に」されなくなる